Information about the Linguaskill test

How to administer the test

How the Linguaskill test is delivered

Linguaskill is simple to use for both agents and candidates, and is administered through the Cambridge English Test Portal. This video shows the five key features of the portal and how to use them.

The technical requirements for running a Linguaskill test

Minimum technical requirements

ProcessorPentium III 800 MHz or equivalent
Free Hard Drive Space512 MB
Screen Resolution1280 x 1024
Operating System

Windows 7 or later

The Cambridge English Test portal and any tests run through it are not currently supported oniOSorAndroiddevices.

Internet Bandwidth

2 Mbps per candidate.

The minimum bandwidth requirements are for each computer running the test. When running multiple tests concurrently on the same internet connection you should ensure this bandwidth is available to each computer. If less than 2 Mbps is available for each candidate, the test may take longer to run.

Web BrowserChrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox
Adobe ReaderLatest version (must be able to read PDF’s
Adobe Flash PlayerVersion 26 or later
Sound CardYes
HeadphonesOver-ear and closed back – the earpieces of the headphones should cover the entire ear, preferably with good padding for comfort.

A microphone should be attached to the headset, via a ‘boom’ (in other words, on the end of a flexible stalk). The microphone should be noise-cancelling (at a minimum, directional), to increase sound pick-up and to minimise noise pollution on the recordings.

Please do not allow the use of your computers’ built-in microphones, these should be disabled, because they are not of the appropriate type nor of sufficient quality. In addition in Chrome if a candidate mutes their headset mic, Linguaskill will continue recording if there‘s more than one mic enabled on the machine.

Headphones and microphone connectionsThere is no preference on plugs (that is, USB or standard stereo) but please note that the use of USB means that appropriate drivers must be installedand confirmed as working before the test day.