Remote Proctored Linguaskill Tests

How Proctortrack works for Instructors

1. Enable proctoring for your Exam

The Proctortrack instructor experience begins with a seamless integration into all major LMS environments, where enabling an exam to be monitored by Proctortrack can be done with one click.

2. Configure proctoring settings to meet your needs

Customisable proctoring settings, available when setting up a test, adjust the exam terms to meet each instructor’s unique requirements.

3. Test sessions are processed & returned

After students complete their exams, proctoring data is processed against Proctortrack’s finely-tuned algorithms and returned within 48 hours to the Proctortrack Instructor Dashboard. Proctortrack’s automation enables instructors to focus their time strictly on the students and instances that require their attention, as students are assigned a score based on the number of incidents detected and violations within each session are pre-flagged and time-stamped.

4. Review proctoring results

Each student report includes identity verification scans, desktop screenshots of any misconduct, and video playback of the student’s testing environment to ensure results are delivered in context.

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