Remote Proctored Linguaskill Tests

Pre-test Process with Proctortrack

Before you begin your test, you will be taken through a series of pre-test steps to ensure that you are properly identified:

1. Download and run Proctortrack

First, you’ll need to download and run the Proctortrack app. Proctortrack guarantees that your test session is properly monitored and you are given proper credit for your honesty shown during the test. After clicking “Download App”, you will need to run Proctortrack by opening it from the downloads bar at the bottom of your browser or from the downloads folder on your computer.

2. Run the System Check

Next, Proctortrack will conduct an automated system check to ensure that your computer meets Proctortrack’s system requirements. Once this is complete, you’ll be able to continue to the next step.

3. Perform the Identity Checks

Then, you’ll perform identity checks: the Facial scan, the ID scan etc.

4. Launch the test

Click I Agree, Let’s Begin. A blue frame will appear around your screen to indicate that you are being monitored.

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