Remote Proctored Linguaskill Tests

Testing Environment Set-up

Use a private testing area

Sit upright in an area where other people won’t talk and cannot pass behind you.

Turn off all noise-making devices

Mobile phones set to vibrate emit detectable sound and any sound from a mobile device is flagged as a violation.n’t talk and cannot pass behind you.

Ensure your face is clearly visible

Hair, sunglasses, hats or anything that covers your face can cause test to be flagged for low integrity. Eyeglasses are accepted.

Close irrelevant tabs and windows

The only tabs and windows open during the session should be those required for the completion of the test. Screenshots will be taken of suspicious activity and shown to your instructor.

Sit directly in front of your webcam

Make sure to stay in the middle of the webcam’s view. Leaving the frame or looking away from the test will result in a low integrity grade.

Create the proper lighting

Sit in a consistently well-lit room with as plain a background as possible.

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