Remote Proctored Linguaskill Tests

Linguaskill Test Guidelines

Your Institution has chosen the following guidelines to be followed for this test in addition to Proctortrack’s General Guidelines. Keeping these test-specific parameters and whichever general guidelines they don’t override in mind will result in a passing integrity grade.

Physical books are not allowed

You will not be allowed to read from physical books during this test.

Online and Digital resources are now allowed

During this test, referring to digital reading material (PDF, DOCs) or using your computer to search the internet for information is a violation.

Digital note-taking is not allowed

During this test, using a separate program like MS Word or other such scratchpads on your computer to write notes is a violation.

Handwritten notes / using erasable whiteboard are not allowed

You are not allowed to take handwritten notes / use erasable whiteboards during this test.

Headphones are required

Headphones with a microphone are essential for this exam.

Scanning or taking pictures with your phone not allowed

For this test, you are not allowed to scan or take pictures using your mobile phone.

Scanning or uploading documents or not allowed

You may not scan or upload documents.

Short breaks are allowed

Leaving the webcam frame will not be considered as a violation.

Food and drinks are allowed

Consuming food and drinks will not be considered as a violation.

Physical calculators not allowed

You will not be allowed to use a physical calculator for this test.

On-screen calculators not allowed

You will not be allowed to use an on-screen calculator for this test.

Printing not allowed

Print attempts cannot be stopped but will be flagged as violation for this test.

Multiple monitors not allowed

Using Multiple Monitors during this test will be flagged as a violation.

Copy/Paste is not allowed

Clipboard is disabled for this test and Copy/Paste functions are not available.

Print screen disabled

Print screen functionality is not available during this test.

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